• James Hewlett

Rainy Day Creativity

It was a miserable day today and that can suck the motivation right out of anyone. It certainly did for my this morning, getting out of bed to do my work out felt like a chore, but once it was done I felt a lot better.

I really enjoy doing that first thing, if I didn’t already have to get up really early for work it would certainly be something I do every day and not just when I’m off.

Having motivation but not a whole lot to do could feel frustrating but I just did a few little fun things instead. I’ve been reading through The Expanse RPG rulebook this week, I’ve got no one to play the game with unfortunately as it’s even more niche than most of my other already niche hobbies but I enjoy reading that kind of thing regardless. From that I decided to mock up a couple of character sheets.

I haven’t dabbled in writing fiction for a long while but I’ve found that just creating characters for a role playing game can get the creative juices going if you’re invested in the theme and setting. It’s a good way of coming up with story threads and ideas.

The other creative thing I’ve done today is build a homepage for The Lonely Boiz. I’ve said all along that I’d like this little group to to be more than just a single podcast so we grabbed lonelyboiz.com as it was available to use as a home for whatever projects we do down the line. I expect it to be mostly podcasts, videos and game play related stuff, but who knows? We’ve all got ideas floating around in our heads and bounce them off each other all the time. Now we have a consolidated place to put them out into the world, even if it is just a place to bring together shows or videos or streams usually hosted elsewhere.

Originally we were just going to sit on the domain until we had something put together for it but, well, that came around quicker than expected and today I decided to build a simple homepage for the site.

There isn’t much to it more than a little introduction to the four of us and a stream of the podcast but as that’s all we have so far I didn’t want to over complicate it.

I was really pleased with how it looks. This site has always felt a little unfinished to me, even after I reworked it and gave it a little kick of paint last year. I’m sure I could do something a lot better with it now, but considering the relatively short amount of time I plan on updating daily is left I’m not sure I can be bothered.

You never know though, I’m not planning on shuttering it next year so maybe I will redesign it from the ground up or integrate it in with the bigger project somehow down the line. It serves it’s purpose for now though.

Hope you’re all doing well.

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