• James Hewlett

Reaching for a Night Off

Taking tonight off writing. I’m just chilling out and playing some video games.

I’ve been going back through the Halo Reach campaign since it’s been added to The Master Chief Collection and thoroughly enjoying it.

I’ve always thought of Halo 3 as my favourite of the series as I have the fondest memories of it; taking the release day off work, it’s the only time I’ve ever bought the ‘Legendary Edition’ with the helmet and all that shit of a video game, clearing the campaign on launch day by playing all night and then soooo much multiplayer in the days and weeks that followed. I know that game inside out.

But I do think Reach has the best campaign. Especially playing it back through again now. It’s so good. It was Bungie’s last Halo and you can tell it was them pinnacling everything they’d done up to that point.

I get a real Rogue One vibe from the story now too. It’s a desperate and ultimately hopeless mission that the main characters are on, one that we didn’t miss not knowing about when we first played/watched the original game or movie but it is told so well that it now feels like a vital chapter. A 0.5 to the first game/movies 1.0 as it were.

The fact that you spend the game getting to know and growing fond of the characters only to watch them die one by one often in brutal and abrupt ways also has similarities to Rogue One.

Anyway, I said I was taking a night off of writing and I’m still going. Night y’all.

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