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Read Through

I’m not sure I mentioned it but a little while ago a few comedy personalities I really enjoy did a blind read of the Phantom Menace script for charity. Basically, one of them had the script in front of them and would read the stage direction and the other two were going back and fourth reading lines, switching as the characters switched, all completely from memory.

If they flubbed a line they all had to take a sip and if they completely couldn’t remember a line they all had to take a shot. It was completely collaborative and there was no pitting against each other, they were able to help each other out and were being somewhat forgiving if they came close.

Throughout that process they raised around $20,000 for covid relief and a further ten thousand before doing the next movie.

Ed and I watched the second one live texting back and forth throughout and while it wasn’t as good as the first, mostly because the AOTC script is utter trash, it was a really fun time and we were talking about doing something similar.

Flash forward to today and because we were both in the mood to, we decided to do a read through of Empire Strikes Back. Not blind, not streamed, not for charity, just as a test and rehearsal for ourselves to see if we’d have fun doing it.

We definitely did and I think we’ll be doing it for real sometime soon.

We won’t be drinking for it and the charity will be different but the premise will be the same. We already have our third in place who will be handling the script and stage direction, it’s up to Ed and I to recite it blind!

I know Empire very very well but today proved that I definitely need to brush up in places so if you’ll excuse me...

It is a dark time for the Rebellion...


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