• James Hewlett

Reading With My Eyes

It’s my first night back at work after four days off today. Starting the next block of seven and the beginning of the month.

While I’m not exactly jumping for joy about going back to work, I’m also not annoyed or bummed out about having to either. I stick to a really good healthy eating schedule when I’m at work and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into both the new physical and audiobook I have ready to start.

I’ve actually cancelled my audible subscription now, for the first time in seven years, as I don’t get nearly as much time to listen to books. I have way more time to read, as evidenced by the fact that Project Hail Mary will be the fourth physical novel I’ve read already this year, but not so much time to listen.

I still had one credit to use though and coincidentally the final book in the Alphabet Squadron trilogy of Star Wars books just came out this week. I figured I’d finish up that series in the format I’ve consumed it so far.

I will probably restart my subscription later in the year for the final book of The Expanse too.

I do love audiobooks and I’m super glad that my library on audible is mine, wether I have an active subscription or not.

I’m sure at some point in the future circumstances will change again and I’ll be reading most of my books with my ears again but for now my eyes are doing to the heavy lifting again.

See you tomorrow.


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