• James Hewlett

Ready To Rumble

I said yesterday I was going to try and do some good content this week but instead I'm going to have a post that probably won't interest anyone. Tonight I’m just going to watch the Royal Rumble and talk about that a little bit.

I don’t really watch too much WWE anymore despite still enjoying a lot of other pro wrestling. I tend only to the main four pay per view events and even then I’ll skip through to the matches I’m interested in. Not following along with the storylines means I kind of treat it the same way I do comics, I’ll watch for the people I know more than the story they’re doing

The Royal Rumble has been one event that I’ve always had fun watching. It was my favourite as a kid and in the twenty or so years I wasn’t watching any wrestling I would occasionally make an effort to catch the Rumble. Jon and I made a drinking game out of it for a couple of years in, I want to say ‘07 and ‘08... it got very messy.

There’s definitely none of that now and I’m more watching out of curiosity to see if any of the NXT guys or girls get a big push. Having wrestling on while working out is good, it’s not something you really need to pay attention to and if you miss anything, well, you haven’t really missed anything.

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