• James Hewlett

Ready To Rumble

I’m staying up late tonight in order to get myself back into the nocturnal mode I’ll be in for most of the next week at work.

It’s convenient then that tonight is the Royal Rumble and I’m going to be watching it while chatting with Mitchell.

Despite watching wrestling more frequently than I have in years, I haven’t bothered with any WWE since last years Royal Rumble. These days AEW is by far the superior company they it is all I watch.

I do enjoy the Rumble though, even in the years I didn’t watch anything I would fairly often watch this one event. It’s just a bit of fun.

I don’t think I’d bother watching the whole thing or watching it live if I wasn’t trying to stay awake late. I would probably have just watched the titular thirty-man battle royale at a later date, but it’s interesting to check in on the cast of characters I haven’t seen much of in recent years.


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