• James Hewlett

Real Life Friend

Holy shit I saw a friend.

Yesterday I had three long conversations on the phone with friends and it was lovely catching up. I also was texting with Mitchell and realised that as I live alone and basically work with just one other person and he’s off work, all his classes are virtual and none of his housemates are there currently, we could easily, legally and safely hang out!

So this evening, after he’d finished his online uni classes and I was done setting up and playing around with my new Xbox Series X I went further than I’ve gone all year... in to town.

That’s right, on the day man kind landed a rover on Mars, I drove about five miles into town and felt just as much of a pioneer.

It was great! We shot the shit, ordered and ate burritos and watched an entire season of a sketch comedy show while laughing hysterically. It’s been so long since I’ve done that with another human being. I loved it.

It’s been a good way to spend my last full day off.

Back to work tomorrow evening for another full week.


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