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Rebels Rewatch

It’s weird really, there’s so much good tv I’ve yet to catch up on but I find myself rewatching old favourites at the moment more than things that are new to me. I’ve mentioned Lost and Avatar but the other one is Star Wars Rebels.

I preferred this series overall to Clone Wars, it’s possible that it’s because I kept up with it more regularly as it was airing, it may have something to do with my connection and fervour for new Star Wars content was on the rise again when it came out as opposed to quietening off when Clone Wars initially aired, but I think the biggest thing was the era it is set in. I’m an original trilogy kid. Give me x-wings, tie fighters, rebels and imperials all day and I’m a happy boy!

Going back through the show has been a delight. It actually started with Clone Wars, when I first got access to Disney+ in the run up to this current new season of that show I decided to brush up and watch through some key episodes and arcs. The choicest stuff, without a lot of the bits in between I had less interest in.

I had such fun doing that it led me into wanting more and since there was still a few weeks before new episodes dropped I started into Rebels.

I just recently finished the season two finale episodes, Twilight of the Apprentice which features some big returning characters, has a lot of lore and connects heavily back to old Clone Wars stuff.

It landed hard first time round, it’s great story telling and is executed masterfully, but having just rewatched those Clone Wars episodes it hit me even more so this time and I timed it perfectly, completely on accident, with the start of the final arc of this new and presumably final season of Clone Wars.

I’m not going to get into why, if you care you’ve either watched and know what I’m talking about or don’t want spoilers.

This next part of today’s post is an email I sent to Paul immediately after watching the latest episode of Clone Wars yesterday, we’ve bounced off each other talking about these shows for years and it’s always been a great joy for me. It’s something we’ve really connected over as silly as that seems. The fact that we were able to go to the Star Wars Rebels panel at Celebration 2016 together, just after the season two finale, his first time at a Star Wars Celebration and in a panel like that, with all the hype and fever and energy in the room... it means more to me now thinking back on it than it did in the moment when I was just psyched to learn that Wedge was going to appear in the new season.

I’ve gushed about what Star Wars Celebration always means to me in the past and that’s just one of those small moments.

Anyway, here’s that email. It captures the excitement we share when this stuff is done so well.

Holy crap that was good!

Make sure you watch it before reading any more!

Loved going back to the original, plain green font Lucasfilm logo. Immediately put in my mind that they’re treating these four episodes as a movie not as a tv show, and boy does it show!

A lot of people involved, mainly Sam Witwer (voice of Maul, very funny guy if you remember from the Rebels panel, loooves him some Star Wars) have been saying these episodes are the best thing they’ve ever done animation wise. Can’t argue with that so far!

It’s been cool seeing Ahsoka again in the last arc, but here, between the reunion with Anakin, Rex’s tribute and how she seemingly comes alive again once she gets her sabers and into the fight... combine that with some classic themes used in the score, I’m not ashamed to say that I got a bit emotional with joy!

I had presumed Anakin & Obi-Wan would start the siege and have to bail out into Revenge of the Sith, but doing so straight away is a good move I think. The focus should be on Ahsoka and Rex, it’s their show really.

It’s a little strange knowing they both live and so does Maul, on the one hand it takes away any stakes a series finale would normally have, but on the other it means I can just sit back and enjoy.

Lots of nice Easter Eggs already too, Ahsoka using the fulcrum code name already, which I didn’t realise she’d gotten from Saw Guerra! Oh and did you spot a very young Kanan? In the intro montage, around the holotable we see Luminara Unduli with her padwan... that is Caleb Dune aka Kanan Jarrus!

Looking forward to the next, and final, three! It’s ending May 4th, so the release schedule is getting compressed a little! I’ll let you know when a new one drops.

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