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Reignite The Engines

I got a call today saying I was being recalled from furlough. It’s both earlier and later than expected as last of heard it had been extended until the start of august, but when the original plan was to have everyone back at the start of June, I suppose it’s all been extra since then.

I’ll be going back on a part time basis for now, I assume everyone who was furloughed will be. So for the time being I’ll be back working Monday and Tuesday as normal and then off for the rest of the week on furlough pay.

I’m glad they’re taking this approach, I’m sure it is because there isn’t enough work back up and running to have everyone back full time yet, but regardless of the reasoning I think it’s good to ease people back in after such a prolonged absence and to minimise days out exposed to it.

I’m very curious to see what safety procedures are in place and how anything else may have changed since the start of April. The world is a vastly different place and I really hope that all the old racist white men have at very least learned to shut up. I know I for one won’t be staying silent if I hear some of the shit I used to.

While on the whole I’m glad to be going back, mostly because I was starting to half expect there wouldn’t be a job for me to go back to, I do think the country in general is no where close to out of the woods yet and a second lockdown and potentially a second furlough later in the year really wouldn’t surprise me in the least. As I’ve been saying though, no point worrying about anything like that until there is something to worry about. All I can do is keep myself safe and hope that others are doing the same.

One thing I’m certainly not looking forward to is the alarm I have set for 5:20 Monday morning!

Oh yeah, new bedding hype. Very little beats that feeling.


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