Resistance Reborn

I’ve been trying to think of what to write about for ages now. This week has not been my most inspiring week for creativity, I’ve had a lot of other stuff on my mind both good and bad. I might talk about it at a later date but theres not really anything to say on it at the moment. I’m alright though, before you ask. How are you?

I started reading the latest Star Wars novel today, it’s got the branding of it being one of the lead in titles for the new movie but in reality it is more of the immediate aftermath of The Last Jedi.

Resistance Reborn by Rebecca Roanhorse focuses on our heroes in the weeks following the almost complete destruction of their forces in episode eight and the struggles they have rebuilding, something we’ve seen in trailers for The Rise Of Skywalker that they seem to have managed in the year gap between films.

I’m not very far in yet but so far the book is doing a great job of tying in a lot of story beats, characters and threads from all sorts of other material, not just the movies. There are references to video game plot lines, comic books and animated series; something a massive nerd like me who reads, watches and plays anything Star Wars just eats up. I think the plot is simple enough on its own though that none of that other ancillary material is required knowledge to enjoy this novel on its own.

It was pressing all the right buttons for me right out the gate though; I’m a sucker for Correllia and that planet is mentioned in the opening sentence of the prologue, which also happens to be where that part of the story takes place and anyone who knows my love of completely minor movie character but god damned hero of the rebellion Wedge Antilles will understand why I’m excited at his inclusion in this story too. Especially as it lends credence to the rumour of his showing up on screen in next months film.

So far the plot is simple; Liea is sending out agents, predominantly Poe Dameron and his ‘Black Squardron’ to try and find allies in the galaxy who can assume command and leadership roles in the devastated Resistance.

If there is anything else of significance that comes up in the book I may write about it again but in all likelihood it is just designed to build hype for the movie and for this all-ready-in-the-pocket fan, it is doing just that.

I’ve got a few different sets of plans for the weekend so that should be fun which ever way it goes, but as of now I’ve got nothing going on tomorrow evening. Maybe I’ll use that time to write something pretty good!?

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