• James Hewlett

Return of the Sundayklub

Due to a wide array of circumstances; being healthier, saving money, work, super bowl, sickness, surgery, literally falling asleep and video games to name a few, we haven’t done a proper Sunday Club of getting burgers and watching comedy on a Sunday night since the middle of January!

Tonight we rectify that.

I haven’t had a nice tasty burger in ages and while I tend to disagree with the old adage of absence makes the heart grow fonder, I do think it applies to food!

I’m loving being healthy enough to start making plans again. I’m rearranging a tattoo appointment I had to cancel, I’m going to organise a beer and cheese tasting with a mate that we’ve been meaning to do for months and I’m looking forward to catching up with other friends I feel like I’ve not seen in ages.

But first and most importantly, it’s Sunday Club.


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