• James Hewlett

Rezzed and Roasted

It’s Sunday, I don’t feel like writing too much. I’m currently watching Tron Legacy for the first time in years. This sequel seems to be the butt of a lot of jokes or forgotten about entirely at this point but I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed it. The original was one of those VHS’s we had taped off the tv as a kid growing up and while it wasn’t a constant go-to for me I was always fond of it.

The sequel got announced while I was at San Diego Comic Con and the build up for it was really fun. I was working at the comic shop with other people who were jazzed for it and I remember not being disappointed because my expectations were right where they should be for a movie like this.

It was recently announced that a third movie is in development and my anticipation is a lot more mixed. The only reason for that is the attachment of Jared Leto who while I completely acknowledge as very talented in his music and.... most of his acting, I just can’t shake the fact that he comes across as a massive bellend in real life.

With a movie like this though who knows if it’ll ever get made and if he’ll be in it in any real capacity. Even if he is it hopefully won’t ruin it for me, it certainly didn’t in the masterpiece that is Blade Runner 2049.

I went for my first Sunday roast since January this afternoon. It was bloody lovely and the fact that it was a spontaneous thing too I think just added to that. Always nice to see a friend I haven’t in a long while and hear about how good I look compared to last time too. But that’s just being self indulgent.

I have a new drink of choice too at the moment; Clean & Press is Brewdog’s hard seltzer though many other brands are out there, White Claw being the big one state side.

It’s literally just alcoholic flavoured sparkling water. Zero sweeteners, zero bad shit, minimal calories, tasty, boozy. I’m all about it right now.


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