• James Hewlett

Riding High & Hitting Goals

I’m still riding high today. I’ve got the buzz of knowing it’s my last shift of this block tonight, my creative juices are still flowing from writing yesterday, the first full episode of Invincipod dropped today and we’re recording the next two episodes tomorrow. I even preempted myself and changed my bedsheets today so that the lush feeling of fresh bedding is waiting for me when I get home tomorrow morning.

That would have been enough. I woke up and got started with my work out already feeling great.

I skipped weighing myself last week as I was sure after having a few treats over that weekend I wouldn’t have been moving in the direction I hoped but when I hopped on the scales today I was even more elated.

I’ve been hovering right around my long term goal for a while now and I finally hit it today!

I’m not setting a new weight goal now that I’ve reached that one. I’m right where I want to be in terms of that.

I will continue to work toward losing my body fat percentage ideally down to about 10% with that other 6.5% being muscle, but I’m not looking to go crazy with any of it.

In all honesty, if I am able to maintain this for ever now I’ll be completely happy. I’m not going to ease up on anything I’m doing, but I’m super happy with where I’m at!


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