• James Hewlett

Right Around The Corner

I got some exciting news this evening but I’m going to hold off on writing about it until such time as it is more solidified, it won’t be long, probably next week sometime if I had to guess.

It’s good, productive, looking forward type stuff though.

I don’t really have anything today. We recorded next weeks episode of the podcast. Thirteen consecutive weeks of episodes now and we’ve definitely got it honed in. We know when to fuck around and when to keep it on track. We’ll get serious when we need to and bring levity when it’s appropriate. I mostly just love getting together with the boys on a Zoom call for a couple of hours every week and shooting the shit. No matter what else is going on I know I’m going to laugh and have a good time.

I’m not going to say everything is fine and dandy, but it feels as though good positive change is looming. It’s not a bad feeling to have. I’ll see you tomorrow.


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