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Rock Me Homo Deus

I finished listening to Homo Deus today, the second book in Yuval Noah Harari’s series exploring…. Well, everything! I suppose it is more about our species but thats a broad topic and he goes over a whole lot.

The first book, Sapiens, was a fascinating and enlightening look back at our collective history, all the way back to a time when multiple ‘human’ species lived much in the same way multiple ‘dog’ species still live today.

Homo Deus’ tag line is ‘A Brief History of Tomorrow’ and is more focused on looking forward, sometimes into the far flung distance with educated speculation and other times into a time much closer that we’ll all likely live to see. There is a lot less speculation in those chapters, more facts.

I enjoyed the book a lot, Harari has a very approachable writing style that makes all of the extremely heady ideas floated approachable for even a layman such as myself.

I didn’t find this one quite as captivating as the first, which I was surprised at to be honest. I’m generally more of a futurist than historian and in almost any scenario I’d rather look ahead than behind. Maybe it is because a lot of the information distilled in the book wasn’t completely new to me like it was in Sapiens. Or maybe it was the more speculative nature of the book as opposed to hard factual evidence.

That’s not to say I didn’t like it though. I still found it utterly fascinating and believe both books to be essential reads. Hell, I think they should be taught in schools! I’d have been way more interested in a lot of the topics covered; from science and medicine to religion and philosophy, had they been presented to me in way that was closer to these books.

I’m diving straight into the next book, ’21 Lessons for the 21st Century’, just yet. I think I need a bit of a break and to read some silly fun fiction first…. He says after starting to read ‘Ego Is The Enemy’ this afternoon and plans to read ‘Dune’ next. I am very much looking forward to reading Harari’s latest though. If the first book looked back and the second forward, I’m assuming by the title that this third book is all about living in the now. Something I am a big proponent of, even if I don’t always follow my own advice.

Hey, I made it a month without drinking! I took all of September off. I didn’t even have one tonight, just a nice alcohol free IPA. I had a friend congratulate me as ask how it was… you know what. This is good material that makes sense to write up tomorrow while I have an actual beer in hand! Come back then.

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