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Routinely Speaking

Routines are good, I’ve found that all sorts of different routines have been really helpful for me this year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spontaneity, going with the flow and letting the chips fall where they may, but I have found that I really enjoy a good routine as well. Especially for the times when I’m alone.

I was really struggling with what to write about today earlier on. It wasn’t until I was driving home tonight that I got the inspiration for this post. I was thinking about how I love my weekends at the moment. I’m not talking about the ones like I’ve had recently where I’ve been busy with lots of fun and exciting plans. They’re great, as they should be, but they’re special occasions that don’t happen all the time. I’m talking about the run of the mill, no real defined plans weekends like this one currently.

Today was the first Saturday in ages that I’ve had the opportunity to have a proper lie in. I didn’t have anything to wake up early for. So naturally my body clock woke me up at just gone seven am and after a failed attempt at ignoring it I said screw it at half past and got myself up. This is fairly standard for my weekends and I honestly don’t mind. I’d had a good nights sleep and knew that if I got up then and for my work out done I wouldn’t have that looming over me as the day went on.

I skipped out on yoga yesterday evening so I did that first thing. It was a nice way of starting my day. If I didn’t have to get up so early for work during the week already I would definitely shift my yoga work outs to the morning rather than the afternoon. I then got on and did the rest of my exercise and had a nice relaxing shower.

The mundane regularity of doing things like laundry on a Saturday is something that has become a part of my routine, it is about as far from exciting as it gets but its convenient, the same goes for doing any dishes that I’ve not done straight away throughout the week. I’m usually listening to the one of two podcasts that drop on the weekend while doing these chores and they’re always funny shows so it actually makes me look forward to doing them.

Another big part of my weekend routine that I’ve mentioned before but bears repeating is going for burgers or similar (but usually burgers) with my friend. It’s usually a Sunday evening trip, but the past few weeks it has been a Saturday thing. I’ll pick her up from work and we’ll hit Five Guys and order the same thing every time. It sounds lame but I love it. It’s a really nice way to close out the week usually and when it is on a Saturday it makes the following day feel like a bonus.

There is very little exciting about a having routines like these, but thats okay. I look forward to every part of it, even the boring stuff, because at least with those bits I get a sense of accomplishment and it makes the fun bits like hanging out with a friend and eating burgers or watching a movie or playing a video game while sitting on the sofa not doing much else because you’ve done everything you needed to do feel like a deserved treat.

I’m pretty impressed that I managed to turn my boring ass weekend post about not having anything interesting to write about into something with some small amount of a message. Go me.

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