• James Hewlett

Saturday Night Out (In)

It’s weird to me that I’m having more social nights now than I have in forever. It feels like at least once a week I’m getting together with various groups of people on zoom or whatever to have a couple of drinks, maybe play some games, shoot the shit and just generally hang out. It’s cool, I enjoy it.

It seems to usually be some combination of the lonely boiz; myself, Mitchell and Ed and then assorted friends of each of ours.

Today I decided to out the idea out there because I felt we could all use it but Ed was busy with some of his people but would possibly join us later.

Mitchell and I, let’s be honest mostly Mitchell, managed to get a good sized group of people together though and we all had a really fun time. At the end of the night Ed did eventually join us too after most others had gone.

It’s funny to me how similar in feeling it all is to a night out. People show up, they might have bought some other friends along, some drop in and drop out as they’re doing other stuff and then at the end of the night it’s whittled down to just the core crew again. some people might play games, some are just hanging out, there might even be sports on in the background, I know Mitchell and I at least had the NFL playoffs on mute while we were hanging out. Only difference is now no one is walking to get that late night pizza or worried about if they left anything at the bar.

Honestly, I think I kind of prefer it! It’s almost all the good aspects of a night out combined with the comforts of still being at home.

I would still like to have the option of seeing people in person but I’m totally down for these sorts of nights out to stick around too.


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