• James Hewlett

Seasonal Music

My mind operates in a musical way. Maybe it’s genetic, maybe it came from listening to countless diverse music sources and soundtracks in my formative years, maybe it comes from the decade I played music for a living. Whatever the reason I always seem to soundtrack my life, even if it is internally.

What I listen to and what seems to really hit the mark for me changes with the seasons and the times of year. I can listen to anything I like all year round and some stuff is universal, but particular things strike a chord at certain times of year such as ska music in the spring, or old school hip hop on a summer evening.

At the moment though, as the summer is coming to a close, it’s getting darker a bit earlier but it’s still warm out, students are going back to classes and night life seems (under regular circumstances) to be picking up even if I have no desire participating in it, more electronic and dance stuff seems to be going into my rotation.

I listen to The Midnight all the time but much like Petty sounds better on the west coast, The Midnight sound better when it’s dark out.

There’s also more dancy drum & bass stuff like Pendulum or Knife Party and chilled electonica such as Aphex Twin.

It is likely based on this time of year being a busy time for me when I was DJing and I was playing to a lot of drunk new students who just wanted to go nuts dancing and then I’d need some more chill out stuff on the drive home, but having spoke to a couple of friends they agreed too, so maybe there is something more to it.

I’ll have to keep an eye, and ear I guess, out for any other musical trends that feel particularly seasonal to me that aren’t obvious. This kind of stuff fascinates me and it’s the kind of silly self exploration I like doing.

Oh yeah, California is on fire right now. Literally. That first picture is from San Francisco and was taken at 10:30am local time. It is unfiltered and not colour corrected. I’ve seen a ton of pictures from many different sources. It’s stunning to see, but frightening and feels almost apocalyptic. 2020 baby, the year that just keeps on giving.


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