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We just recorded a marathon long episode of the podcast, I’m not kidding, we went for about three and a half hours.

Unfortunately after the first hour we had a technical issue with Mitchell’s recording and had to start again from the top.

That would normally take the wind out of anyone’s sails and deflate a recording but somehow with the three of us it didn’t matter and we still put to tape (figuratively speaking) one of the most fun episodes yet!

I think the fact we haven’t recorded in two and half weeks and barely spoken to each other in that time helped. Ed and I have played video games together a couple of times in that, but we’ve all been so busy we’ve not really caught up all that much.

There was a weird and fun energy to tonight’s recording I can’t explain. Despite hiccups, technical difficulties, tiredness, an actual time limit as Ed literally had to go straight to work when we finished, we were all having such a fun time that it didn’t matter.

That said, I’m fucking knackered now and ready for bed. So I’m going to wrap this up, do my Spanish lesson that I’ve yet to do today and go to sleep.

Hasta mañana.

Send it.


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