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September Fitness Update

I’ve been slacking on my health and fitness this week, I did some yoga on Sunday and it was really awkward and uncomfortable on my fresh tattoos. They’ve healed up enough to not be an excuse now and I didn’t have anything going on this evening so I got back on with doing my full work out.

Since I last did a full post talking about what my workouts entail I’ve expanded it again. I now do twenty minutes of yoga at least three times a week, usually four and more often than not on an every other day schedule. On those days that then leads into the start of my daily routine; one hundred ab crunches, fifty regular curls, eighty assorted curls in sets of ten each wrapped up with fifty more regular curls. After the weights I move back to core work and do between fifteen and twenty five reps with the ab roller. I’m still getting used to using that. Finally I jump on the exercise bike and go for half an hour at either the second or third highest gear depending on how hard I and going that day.

It’s a good hour and change work out each day and while I’m rarely excited to get to it I find that as long as I stay disciplined and get on with it straight away I am soon invested and enjoying it and trying to push myself just that bit harder, that’s always a great feeling.

At the moment I’m very happy with my weight and overall size. My focus is on maintaining that while doing all the core work to try and tighten up my gut from years of it not being how I’d like it. That part is definitely slow progress but I am seeing small improvements and that’s always very encouraging.

My arms and overall strength has improved a lot too since increasing the amount I’m doing with the weights. I don’t have any interest in getting super shredding with giant arms or anything like that but it’s a good feeling too seeing some definition when I’m lifting.

All that’s to say, that taking care of my physical health greatly helps me with my mental health too and I’d recommend it to anyone. Just know that there is no need to go crazy! Do what suits you.

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