• James Hewlett

Setting Up The Studio

For a while now I’ve had an item on my to-do list; get shit out of the loft.

Today I may have done the opposite and put more stuff into the loft instead.

The main reason I’ve had that item on the list for so long was to ease any potential move when I thought that was an inevitability but at this stage I’m finding myself more comfortable here and while I keep an eye on what else is around the idea of moving somewhere else doesn’t make a whole lot of sense on any level.

So I put some of the bits and pieces that were taking up space in the spare room up there and out of the way today. I’ve now freed up plenty of room so that I have all of my gym equipment out and nicely arranged and plenty of space on my desk for podcast recording and and other creative work I want to do once my computer is back up and running. I might need to get a desk chair though, but that isn’t a priority right now.

I’ve got very little left to check off of my list of things to keep me going through my furlough period and I think I’ve timed it all out nicely. We’ll see if I do go back at the start of next ninety of if it is extended, but going on the time scale originally organised I am very pleased that I made a list that was achievable and I’ve worked through it all at a decent pace. It’s definitely helped me get through this whole thing without getting down.

From talking to various people you can definitely tell the difference. My next door neighbour has been working his butt off doing up their garden and making it look great, he doesn’t want lockdown and his furlough to end so that he can keep going with that. Ed hasn’t been doing as much of anything and I don’t think I’m stepping over the line when I say has had some really rough days. I think Mitchell has been somewhere in the middle, he dove headfirst into streaming and when he’s been keeping busy doing that he’s been okay but the times he’s not he has struggled because of the rest of his current situation.

It makes me very grateful and humbled that I’ve been able to keep the level of normality that I have had. I’ve adjusted to it well enough that if my furlough is extended I’m going to be fine with it, but if I go back to work then they won’t be a problem either.


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