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I’m back at the bar at the moment drinking a delicious sour. I was hoping to get to go and have a nice Sunday roast today but a nasty bug has kept the friend I was going to go with in laid up all day so I instead had a relaxed morning and early afternoon.

There’s a few hours until the Colts game kicks off though so I thought I’d get out of the house and come and get todays post done while having a tasty beer. They still have the last bits of last weekends Colabfest beers on too, so I’m currently enjoying one of them.

What have I been watching recently? It’s mostly the same as the last time; lots of Lost and Avatar. I’ve got almost all the way through The Last Airbender again now, for I want to say the fourth or fifth time all told. I’ve got the penultimate episode and then the movie length finale to watch. Man, I adore that show so much. It is perfect. Everything I said when I talked about finishing up season one I stand by completely. It has something for everyone and I feel confident saying that it is my favourite tv show of all time, not just animated show.

Some of the episodes in the third season alone are like movies in their own right. The pacing of this season is fascinating and brilliant and something I really noticed more in this rewatch. It doesn’t feel like it, but the entire series takes place over a relatively short amount of time; somewhere between six months and a year.

The metaphorical ticking bomb that is the cause of this shortened timeframe really starts becoming apparent in the third season. It starts by picking up from the aftermath of the end of the second season. It feels like starting Return of the Jedi after the downer ending of The Empire Strikes Back, there is hope again but the stakes have been raised and it feels less like a guarantee that all the heroes will win and make it out of the story unscathed.

The story takes a big shift halfway through the final season again and then begins to pay off a lot of the intriguing plot points that have been set up throughout in very satisfying ways while ramping up to the epic conclusion.

I can’t wait to finish the series again. I’ll probably move on and rewatch Korra afterwards, but I’m glad there are plenty of comic stories that continue the stories of Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko and all the other amazing characters from The Last Airbender.

With Lost I am taking my time and really absorbing it all. This is my first complete rewatch since it ended nearly ten years ago and I was trying to keep pace with the one episode per week discussion going on on the excellent The Storm podcast. The schedule doesn’t always work for me though and I found doing it during season one I was falling behind. So now I’m allowing myself to get a little ahead and I’m heading toward the back arc of the second season now. I think the other reason I’m getting ahead is that the show is, in my opinion and memory, at its absolute peak right here. The end of season one and through season two is just the best. Every episode is gripping and the mysteries are so engaging that I find myself wanting to watch the next episode every time one ends. I obviously know how it is shakes out but the fact that I’m still so engaged even after going deep into the show during its initial run is a testament to all those involved.

I’m looking forward to seeing how some of the later seasons hold up on a rewatch and how my opinions of them may have changed. Will I find I’m more critical now and was too forgiving at the time, or will I be able to brush some of the nonsense aside in the name of entertainment and the attempts that were being made my the creative teams involved? Only time will tell.

I’m not going to get too far ahead, I’ll pause at the end of season two and let the podcast catch up. It will probably take a little while as they themselves are taking a break to cover Star Wars in the build up to The Rise Of Skywalker in December.

Oh yeah, I got my tickets for that earlier in the week of course. I’ll be there opening night, like there was any doubt.

I’m not doing any midnight screenings or anything; I’m too old for that shit and find that even if I’m totally engaged I lose focus and am too tired to enjoy the film fully.

Right, well I’m going to have a tinker with my fantasy football lineups for a bit before heading home to watch the game. Enjoy your Sunday evening everyone.

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