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Sick Boi

I’m feeling under the weather this evening so my post about the pilot episode of Watchmen is going to have to wait. I’ll probably end up writing about the new Star Wars trailer at some point this week too, but not tonight.

I was bragging just last week about how I hadn’t really gotten sick all year except for a minor bit of sniffle a few months ago. Clearly I spoke too soon.

It’s nothing serious, just a cold, but I’m feeling quite run down and breathing through my nose is nigh on impossible, that in turn is making my throat sore and all of that combined is making it hard to sleep. This morning I must have woken up at about three am and been mostly awake until my alarm went off at six. I hit snooze as I always do and it was only at that point did I drift back off. I got nine blissful minutes of sleep before having to get up and ready for work.

I don’t have it built in to me to call in sick if I’m just feeling a bit unwell. The only time I have ever not gone to work is when I’m physically unable too. I can count on one hand the number of sick days I’ve had t this job in the five years I’ve been there and most of them were last April when I had a bad gout flare up (my last one thankfully) and couldn’t even put a sock on.

I know we have sick pay for a reason and part of me thinks I should use it at some point, but it is just not how I’m programmed.

Hopefully it’ll pass soon. It bloody better do! I refuse to be sick during my time off in a few weeks time.


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