• James Hewlett

Sick Day

I took a sick day today, my first in over two years, because I feel like absolute garbage. My throat is very swollen and extremely sore, because of that I’ve had no appetite and it even hurts to drink water.

I don’t take sick days, hell, I don’t really ever get sick! Certainly not enough for me to justify taking time off work. The last time I did I felt so guilty about it as I wasn’t ill at all, I was just in agony and couldn’t even put a sock on! Thankfully since I’ve been living a lot healthier I haven’t had a single gout flare up so that doesn’t appear to be a concern any more.

It was at three thirty in the morning when I had barely slept a wink, my throat was killing me and I was getting up for my second or third shit of the night that I said fuck it and called in.

As I so rarely have any time off work are cool with it, they know that if I’ve called in it must be because I’m very unwell. Sick days at my place aren’t counted as individual days but as periods of absence which means, barring some miracle cure, I will take tomorrow as well and make sure I kick this things butt fully before going back. Last thing I want is to go back early only for it to start up again.

So yeah, don’t expect much in the way of quality content this week!


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