• James Hewlett

Sick Week, Bro

Sunday… I’ve just written a weeks worth of posts in record time. Though to be fair it’s not like there was much to say on each one. In fact I think posting them all will probably take just as long.

There’s only so much Lost watching and video game playing I can do before I start losing my mind.

I’ve been reading through The Expanse RPG rulebook even though I’m fairly certain I’ll never be able to get a group together to actually play. I love that world though and am always interested in learning different gaming systems. This one seems particularly fun. The good thing about that kind of content and game though is it is evergreen, so maybe one day I’ll have a small group of friends who are just as into The Expanse as I am and interested in playing a game in that world. I’m sure Ed would be if he had the time to read the books or watch the show. Though knowing him he would be just as interested in any new RPG, regardless of the theme.

Maybe this week I’ll bust out Gloomhaven and play some games of that solo. It always feels like a massive commitment for just me to play but as I’m off all week I could leave it out and set up and just play a little bit each day.


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