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Singing The Hits

The other night I finished my rewatch of Avatar: The Last Airbender in it’s entirety for the... third time this year? Definitely at least the second but I think it is the third.

At this point I’m not sure I could say any more about it that I haven’t already said. It is an absolute masterpiece and one hundred percent my favourite tv series of all time.

It has the grand sweeping epic storytelling of a Lord of the Rings, the tight core group of character you follow and love with a complex villain ala the original Star Wars trilogy and the expansive and living world of A Song Of Ice And Fire.

It manages to tell deep and meaningful stories that resonate with people of all ages while being packaged as, and originally marketed to, kids. Due to this is truly is a show for everyone. There isn’t a single person I couldn’t recommend Avatar to and I implore you to watch it. If it’s your first time through; I envy you, getting to experience and go on that ride for the first time again would be amazing, but if you’ve seen the show before, no matter how many times, do yourself a favour and go through it again. You may pick up something you didn’t before either in the writing, the animation, the characterisation or even the score. All of it is masterfully executed.

It has seriously taken a lot of willpower to not just start again from the top as soon as I finished it but I’m going back through another animated show at the moment instead... and there might be a project involved that is motivating me to do that! Watch this space.


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