• James Hewlett

Single/Not Looking

Calling an audible on this evenings post. We’ve rain checked checking out the new Gears game so my post about that and couch co-op will be out later. Instead I’m going to write the post I had ear marked for Sunday.

I am single. I am happy with the fact that I am single. I am not looking around at the moment.

It’s crazy when I think about the fact that this is almost the longest stretch this year that I’ve gone without having sex. People say it all the time but this year really has flown by so far. January was a blur. February was the start of improvement and since the beginning of that month it was kind of a whirlwind. There was looking, meeting, dating, hooking up, relationships and break ups.

That was the case for a few months at least, then the summer hit and it’s been different. I’ve not been looking. There’s been someone at various points but it’s been different and when we’ve not been together I haven’t been looking for whatever is next and recently I’ve been embracing just being single and not looking for anything else.

I think it’s been the healthiest thing for me and I feel like it’s helped me grow as a person.

I haven’t exactly changed anything about what I do, I’ve just focused on me more; I’ve re-embraced enjoying my own space, something I’ve always done but forgot how to do successfully in the first half of the year. I still spend time with the close friends I chose to and I value those friendships more than anything. I am doing more things for me, it may sound selfish but it’s been nice saying, “I want to do X this weekend,” and not having to worry about if it fits with anyone else’s plans or schedule.

I’ve not sworn off relationships or dating or meeting people. I’m just not currently looking. I’m happy with my current situation. I have ideas about what I’d like to happen on the future, but you can’t force anything so I’m just letting the chips fall where they may and enjoying my life on the mean time.

Happy Friday y’all. I’m getting some tattoos tomorrow.

I've had to repost this.... I accidentally deleted it and one much older post in the process of updating the site. I did a dumb. I can't remember what the other image I originally had on here was either, or what tags I'd used. Fuck it. Live and learn.


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