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Ska'd For Life

I’m writing this one in advance as I think I’m going to be very tired when I get home later on. I’ll update this post with the pictures I take at the gig, but I’m not a music reviewer and I’m not going to this show as a critic so there is no point writing up how it was. Unless of course there is something truly crazy in which case I’ll just edit this.

I’m off out tonight to Bournemouth to see Less Than Jake, Goldfinger and a band I never thought I’d get to see; Save Ferris. The late nineties ska punk scene is alive and seems to tour together whenever they travel overseas!

I’m looking forward to dancing the night away while getting very sweaty, singing along to everything and losing my voice in the process. Last November I went to a similar gig and, well, I had fun at the time but there was an air of sadness around it and I think it was the last good night I had for a very long time. I’m looking forward to tonight just being a ton of fun.

I always loved Less Than Jake but I honestly might enjoy them more now than I did back when I was a teenager. I consider Anthem to be one of my very favourite albums and find myself listening to it in its entirety quite frequently. It’s been ten months since I last saw them and my life has changed dramatically in that time.

Goldfinger were a big part of my teenage years, I listened to them a lot and were one of my friends at school’s favourite band. He was blown away and starstruck by the fact that I had no apprehension at approaching the band and saying hi when we first went to see them in the early two thousands. I haven’t listened to them in a long time beyond the odd song coming on shuffle, but I’m looking forward to reliving the memories.

I have never seen Save Ferris, I didn’t actually know they were still together let alone touring. For a band who’s most famous track is a cover of Come On Eileen they have some absolutely amazing songs across their two albums and couple of EPs. I didn’t think I’d ever see them and I’m super excited that I will be later on. I hope they’re given a decent length set.

That is one of the best things about these multi-headline worthy shows these bands are doing, beyond the three bands mentioned there are two other smaller bands playing as well. What that means on a practical level is that there is music from almost as soon as the doors open and very little downtime between. They simply don’t have the time to dawdle.

I certainly appreciate that and the fact that most of the audience are people who have aged up and are of my generation; married, divorced, jobs, kids, no one has ‘spare’ time and would much prefer everyone just get on with it.

Right, I’m going to go and party! I’ll update this later with pictures. And if there are pictures already here then I’ve done that and forgotten to delete this bit.

Updated bit! Due to some last minute stuff coming up I ended up going to this show by myself. I was a bit bummed out about it on the drive down and thought I might end up leaving quite early. I started thinking that it was inevitable that I would bump into people I really don't have any inclination to see. The first couple of bands were good, then Save Ferris came on and fucking ruled. By that point I was having so much fun just singing and dancing around by myself that I was content sticking around for the rest of it too. Goldfinger were great, they're kind of an amalgam of a few different bands around the lead singer and guitarist who have stuck around since inception. Less Than Jake were as fun and energetic as ever. They've not missed a beat and have always been amazing every time I've seen them.

I was very pleased to not see anyone I knew at all. That might sound quite antisocial but I was happy enjoying it by myself and didn't really feel like small talking with either people I'm friendly with but very rarely see or people who I never really liked but was friendly with for other peoples sake. All in all, it was a really good night!

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