• James Hewlett

So Fresh and So Clean

I’ve had a very productive day around the house today. I’ve cleaned everywhere!

My house is always tidy, it’s easy when you live alone and aren’t a slob, but because of that and because I have hardwood floors downstairs I don’t feel the need to vacuum all the time and I’ll mop even less.

I did both today as well as dusting, I didn’t even realise I owned a feather duster, and cleaned down all the kitchen and bathroom sides.

Sure there are still things I could do, but I’m really pleased with how it is at the moment, everything feels just a bit shinier and nice.

I was amazed at how quick it all went too. I was expecting a few hours and have backlogged a handful of podcasts to keep me entertained while I did it but it went by fast. Maybe I’ll do some more tomorrow and listen to the rest of those shows. We’ll see. I’m not going to feel like I need to if I don’t, but if I do, great!


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