• James Hewlett

Soaking It In

So I know I said I was trying to do something a little productive each day but today seems like one that I’m not going to. Granted, it is only three fifteen so there’s still plenty of time for me to if I wanted, but unless something changes, I’m quite content alternating between sitting outside in the sun while reading and lounging on the sofa playing video games.

I’m looking around my garden and other than some weeds that could do with being pulled up the only thing that needs doing it taking some stuff to the tip... but seeing as the tip is closed until further notice there isn’t a whole lot of point pulling any of it out from behind the shed where it currently is doing no harm.

The same goes for a lot of the stuff in the house too. I’ve done about as much as I can in the spare room without getting shot of things. I could start clearing out the loft, but throwing that stuff away seems wasteful. I want to be able to take the stuff I no longer want to charity shops which are also closed.

I think it’s because of those reasons why I’m not getting that feeling of being lazy that I normally would if I just sat around most of the day.

I cooked a big’ol pasta bake yesterday that’ll see me through a few days so it’s not even like I need to cook or anything. Getting this post done was the only other thing I needed to do today and, well, here you go!

It’s strange, going to work isn’t at all what inspires me to write but being out in the world definitely stimulates ideas and topics for me. When I was home sick I could happily write off my lack of quality output be blaming that, but now that I’m home and heathy I’m once again struggling for interesting topics.

It’s probably not just me, I’m sure the overall sense of the world collapsing around us has given many people creative blocks. I at least don’t have to worry about it as my livelihood. I can just sit back in my sun lounger and watch the world burn from the comfort of my nice little house.

Ooh I forgot I’d put rum in that glass of Pepsi Max! What a pleasant surprise.


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