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Social AF

I’ve had a really nice day today. I got to see some of my very favourite people and have fun in the process.

I spent a few hours with my mum over lunch; sorting out xmas presents for my nephew and niece and catching up. As a present to me she made up a hamper of sorts, we basically walked around the supermarket and picked up a ton of stuff, way more than I would ever buy for myself. It was a really sweet thing to do and massively appreciated.

We also went for lunch and got to have a proper catch up.

I don’t get to see my mum all that often, even under non-pandemic circumstances, and it’s even rarer for us to just spend time together just the two of us. It’s nice when we can.

After that I took a few supplies round to a friends who was having a rough day. We hung out for an hour or so which was cool, but I needed to head home and make notes on the next episode of Boy Meets World as the guys and I were finally recording the new episode of the podcast this evening.

And what fun we had! Two and half hours of talking absolute shit with those guys goes by so fast and is always a great time. I love it every time we record and hopefully now that everything is settled down a bit we’ll be able to get back to it more regularly.

It’s a weird catch twenty two of; when you’re not feeling in the best way mentally you don’t want to record but when we do it always helps raise your spirits. I think we’ve all felt that and although I’ve been feeling alright throughout today coming off of that was a great high.

It was great to get back behind that mic.


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