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Social Distancing

That’s one of the phrases of the moment isn’t it. May as well write a bit about it.

I’m still working, because of what I do the likelihood is that we’ll be the last ones going left to shit the lights off on our way out. As long as there are businesses to collect from, we’ll be out there in some capacity. In these uncertain times though who knows for how long that will be.

The other aspect of what I do that is relevant is that I can only practice social distancing to a point, by necessity I interact with a lot of different people each day. That doesn’t mean I’m being flagrant about it though, I am still trying to do my part to flatten the curve as much as I can and you know what, I’m not finding it particularly difficult!

Turns out that social distancing is easy when the very few people you would actively choose to socialise with are either in quarantine (everyone is fine, it’s only caused by cautionary concern) or are miles away and I rarely see anyway!

I saw two friends over Monday and Tuesday evening that are more local and we all were saying the same thing; great to see ya, stay safe, we’ll catch up in person when it’s all a bit more settled.

I’ve talked many times before about how I have a quality over quantity mindset when it comes to my social circles. I only keep a small group of very close friends and am not that bothered about seeing anyone else. That small group happens to be spread far and wide though, most are at least dozens of miles away, a few even further and one is on the other side of the planet. This means that in unprecedented times like this not a lot actually needs to change. If anything it will mean more people are living similarly to how I do normally and it will make getting those friends together online to play a video game, or into a FaceTime or Google Hangout to play a tabletop game or just shoot the shit easier!

I already have plans to watch a movie with a friend together at the weekend despite not being in the same room. Sure just having FaceTime open on my phone or laptop isn’t the same as being sat next to someone, but if that’s all we can do at the moment, I’ll take it! It’s a lot better than not seeing them at all.

This bit might get split off into its own post for tomorrow, or I might leave it in, let’s see how long I can go with it...

It went long, look for that tomorrow when the next news cycle will probably have made it totally redundant and my writing a day ahead will be for nothing!


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