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Social Saturday

I feel like I’ve forgotten how to socialise for prolonged amounts of time. I had my final tattoo appointment of the week this morning and had to go straight from that back home where the rest of our fantasy football league was getting there and getting ready to draft.

We had our usual good fun for a few hours doing that and then head into town because a couple of them had to bail and one was waiting for his train.

We went for some food and got a drink. It was really nice hanging out with them all in person. By the the time we were in town it was the three ‘Lonely Boiz,’ myself, Ed and Mitchell and our two out of towners, Jamie and Jack.

After a little while Ed and I were both ready to bounce too so head home. We’ve got a late night ahead watching an AEW event so just wrapped up a game of Marvel Champions while waiting for that.

It’s been a great day but I’m exhausted!

I’m glad I’m off next week, I feel like I need a couple of days just to catch back up.


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