• James Hewlett

Social Sunday

A couple of catch up posts incoming today.

Holy shit I think we all needed that today.

On Saturday Rae suggested we see if Ed wanted to come down for a barbecue today, I immediately got on the phone to him and asked him. I’d actually mentioned it to him earlier in the week while we’d been playing video games. I know he’s been pretty strictly adhering to self isolation throughout all this and hadn’t long moved into a place on his own for the first time before it all kicked off.

We’ve all had better and worse mental health days this year, understandably, and I’m glad he feels comfortable talking to me when he’s struggling and vice versa.

A couple of hours after asking he let us know he’d be coming so on Sunday morning I hit the shop and got just enough stuff for the three of us to have some tasty barbecue food.

It was really quite nice that none of us were drinking, I’ve been dry for a month and will be until the end of my furlough, Rae is t-total and, while he’s been drinking a lot through these months, Ed was more than content not drinking.

We ate food, we caught up in person, we shot the shit we played some fun games and we kept a responsible distance. It was awesome.

When Rae went home Ed and I played and got our asses beat at a round of Marvel Champions, but left it set up so we could hit it again in the morning.

It’s the end of May, summer is definitely here, if this ends up being the only barbecue I get to have this year I’m glad it was a good one!


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