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Space Cadet

Oh shit, I’ve not written today’s post have I... man. My head is so not in the game at the moment!

Take this morning for instance; I got up, ready and went to work at the crack of dawn. Now bare in mind that it’s at least a forty five/fifty minute drive to get to work, when I got there I was met with a puzzled look and when I went and checked the rota it turns out I’m actually on holiday all this week!

I don’t remember booking it and I’m fairly certain it was a week that was assigned to me by a manager who left our branch in Southampton way before the transfer up to Basingstoke.

So combining the fact that it’s 2020 and the idea of having plans to go anywhere or do anything on a week off is laughable and the fact the fact that I’m incredibly depressed and am not really processing anything properly at the moment and you’re left with a two hour round trip just to find out I’m off all week.

I made the most of it though; I quickly got hold of my mum and Paul who were going to very graciously come and hang out at my house until the BT engineer had been to fix my internet, so they wasn’t needed. I also go a good full work out in and done nice and early.

Other than that, because I had no idea I was going to be off today, I enjoyed a pretty chilled day off.

I’m going to try and fill out the rest of the week the best I can so I’m not just wallowing in self pity, but this isn’t that kind of depression anyway so I’m not too worried about that.

For now though I’m going to enjoy going to bed without an alarm set for the morning and hope I catch some of those ever elusive zee’s I hear good things about. Night y’all.


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