• James Hewlett

Spring Has Sprung

I had originally planned to do a second part to my appreciations post today but I’m calling an audible and pushing it. I’ll hopefully get to it tomorrow.

The reason I’m changing it up is because I just wanted to take a minute to appreciate just how lovely today has been! It really felt like the first reason spring day. The funny thing is I had a look back at my pictures from this day last year and remember distinctly feeling the exact same then. March 22nd, mark it down for sun shining, shorts wearing and Loonee Toons playing. The three signs of spring in the book according to James.

I wasn’t in shorts to start with though, no in fact my day started earlier than most this year have. Due to my work schedule I don’t tend to get out of bed until around eleven am every day, even when I’m off. I had to change that today though as I needed to get some minor work done on my car following it’s MOT the other day and they had said the earlier I could get it in to them the better.

I had dropped my car off and began my stroll before nine. I ended up walking over twelve kilometres for a couple of hours, all around town and up around the common while listening to podcasts until I got the call that it was all sorted. I headed back and picked it up and came home to actually start my work out for the day!

After doing some much natural cardio I had thought I would skip my half an hour on the bike today and just do the core exercises I had planned. When I got to the end of those though I was feeling in the zone so much that I decided to hop on and do the rest too, smashing through my daily goals.

As I was done early enough to and hadn’t had a chance recently I cooked up a tasty couple bowls of pad thai and had lunch with a friend and hung out for a couple of hours before coming home and chilling out this evening, a lot of it with the back door open and summer tunes coming out of various speakers throughout my house.

It has been a really nice day and a great way to wrap up a few days off. I’m not even thinking about my next time off yet, doing that before I’ve even started my long stretch of work isn’t wise. I should have time to write something quite good tomorrow before work though, we’ll see!


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