• James Hewlett

St(a)ying In

I’ve got a nasty stye on my eye at the moment, the lower lid of my left eye to be precise.

I don’t get them often thankfully but have done in the past. This one isn’t itchy, it’s more sore than anything and is a bit swollen, like it’s built up inside as opposed to being a little scratchy fuck. It honestly feels like I’ve been lightly punched in the eye.

I’m not concerned, the human body is pretty great about sorting these things out generally, but it’s just annoying.

And as I’ve not gone anywhere or really done anything, that is the most interesting thing I have to say today!

Oh well, I guess other than the first episode of the podcast being published, that’s pretty exciting.

I’ll leave you with that and these very good images that hopefully help illustrate some very good points.


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