• James Hewlett

Star Wars Hangover

When I was making my plan for this week I had jokingly earmarked Friday as ‘Star Wars hangover.’ I knew I would be writing about The Rise of Skywalker today but I thought I would be able to process my thoughts into something a bit more coherent.

Calling it a hangover is the only way to describe it though. I left that movie feeling high. I have a lot to think about, a lot to mull over and a lot to discuss, but right now I’m struggling to even form proper sentences. I’d blame it on it currently being eleven thirty five at night and being up since five, but I really don’t think that has anything to do with it.

I am buzzing about the final film in the ‘Skywalker Saga’ that created and defined Star Wars.

I’ll try and write something a little more about the movie tomorrow but the rest of this post is just going to be a few brain farts of thoughts without any context or meaning. THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD. Stop now unless you’ve seen the film.

Final warning.

- Of course Lando is hanging out at space burning man, where else would he be!? If that party only happens every forty something years, I want to see a short of Donald Glover’s Lando performing there in his younger days.

- Mother fucking Wedge Antilies is in this movie! He has one line and is on screen for maybe four seconds but that was enough to make this fan happy. It is a little strange he shows up moments after his adopted son is killed, but I guess he hadn’t received that news yet.

- I love how many past Jedi they were able to get back as voice cameos. Not just from the films but characters from The Clone Wars and Rebels too. A very nice touch.

- The ardent defenders of The Last Jedi are really going to dislike this movie, and the haters of The Last Jedi may also dislike it. But there are going to be a lot of people who have a ton of fun and enjoy the crap out of it. As someone who enjoyed The Last Jedi but upon many a rewatching can point out its flaws, I thought The Rise of Skywalker was excellent.

- Liea’s lines could be distracting if you let them be. It was clear they used whatever footage and audio they had from Carrie and wrote around that for the other characters she interacts with, but it is done well and I really think they handled Leia’s passing extremely well.

- I welled up when she died, but then seconds later hearing Harrison Ford’s voice make me crack and near the end of his scene, when Ben says “Dad” I was bawling.

- The film doesn’t let up! It starts out moving at a clip and never takes its foot off the gas.

- There are answers to a lot of things, but still plenty more questions left open. Thats not a problem. The story was told. Ancillary points can, and I’m sure will, be covered in books and comics for those of us who like to delve deeper and learn more about the minutia of Star Wars. Putting every last little thing on screen would bog the film down.

- The new characters are cool, they serve their place but aren’t integral to the plot. I quite like that too as it keeps the focus on the core cast we’ve been following since The Force Awakens.

- The movie is fun. It is dealing with some serious shit and isn’t afraid of getting dark and serious when it needs to, but it is always fun and a good time. There are moments that are cute and funny and others that are even more so if you are a die hard fan. There is a lot of fan servicing moments throughout, but I didn’t care. I was having a great time.

I got so much joy out of watching this film and I couldn’t have asked to have seen it with anyone better. Rae is the one person I can talk Star Wars with for hours on end without ever getting tired of it. Thats what made it even more shocking when we left and were both stunned into silence. I felt like a kid again as the credits rolled. I didn’t want to leave my seat. Star Wars has been the one constant in my life and despite the fact that it will never be over, a very very important chapter of it has come to a close.


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