• James Hewlett

Starting To Get Better, Slowly

I really wanted to use Getting Better by The Beatles here but that song has more confidence in the recovery process that I currently do. I think, think, that I’m beginning to mend though. I’m not there yet, I wouldn’t even say I’m close, but it feels like the worst may have past and I am taking that as a fucking win. I feel better today than I did yesterday and that counts as progress if you ask me.

The one thing that can absolutely do one is the fact that for the first time in two years my toe had a bit of a gouty twinge today. I think it must be due to being fairly consistently dehydrated this week and not getting any exercise. I’ve not had anything bad to eat at all, I’ve not drank in over a week and I’ve not done anything else that would have triggered it.

I’ve been necking water like nobodies business but have definitely been dried out a lot more than I should be so I think thats the biggest thing. The lack of exercise is an adjustment for my body, its the most immobile I’ve been in a long time. I honestly don’t know how I ever did it! I’m sure it won’t amount to anything, I’ve got my meds that I’m going to take to prevent it and if I am indeed on the mend then I’ll be back to my regular routine in no time.


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