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Happy weekend y’all! Yes, it is Saturday. I’m sure for many of you it doesn’t feel like it or you’ve lost track of days as you’ve been working from home or stuck out of your regular rhythm with nothing to all week, but it is Saturday.

I’m going to keep it quite brief, as I usually do at the weekends and unless something changes, both days are going to be music related.

Today I want to highlight a few albums and playlists I’ve been listening to recently that have been really nice to relax to in these uncertain times.

First up is an album I discovered a couple of weeks ago through the weekly updated News Music Mix’ on Apple Music. I was getting quite a bit of chilled ambient music recommended as I had been falling asleep listening to the latest BT album and while a lot of that can be hit or miss the album title alone of this one jumped out at me.

Stasis Sounds for Long-Distance Space Travel by 36 & Zakè might just be my favourite album title ever. You know exactly what kind of thing you’re getting when you read a poetic title like that and I am happy to report that the album delivers on expectations completely.

This isn’t the sort of thing you’re going to put on to get pumped up or drive to or even listen to in the regular course of your day. But come the night, when you’re lying in bed waiting to drift off or chilling out quietly thinking on the sofa, put this fully ambient album on and drift away.

The next few I have to admit I started checking out due to some targeted ads on Instagram, something I normally avoid on a moral basis.

I haven’t done any research but from what I can tell ChilledCow is a label in the same way HedKandi was in the mid 2000’s.

There is a series of playlists available on all music streaming platforms that is updated seemingly daily filled with hours of super cool chill out music.

It’s mostly lo-fi hip hop style beats but as the vast majority of the tracks have no vocals people who don’t usually enjoy hip hop should not be put off from giving it a try. The ‘beats to study to’ has been a favourite of mine whenever I am writing, tidying or doing anything else quietly productive and ‘beats to fall asleep to’ is a favourite while I’m reading a book or some comics in bed. There is a ChilledCow Favourites playlist too which has a selection of everything and is probably the best starting place.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the gorgeous artwork that accompanied the playlists and almost every individual track. It’s the unified style across various artists that leads me to believe that this is a label and not just one dude making these curated lists.

Speaking of curated lists, that’s what tomorrows post is going to be, but one of my own creation. Check back then to see what I’m talking about. It should be up earlier than normal too as the post is pretty much ready to go already.


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