• James Hewlett

Stir Crazy Plans

I’m going to go stir crazy if I don’t do something while I’m off sick. I know that in order to get better I’ve been specifically told to not do much. Rest and relaxation. But it feels like ages now since I’ve done anything and it’s getting to me. I’ve not worked out in nearly two weeks which is bugging the shit out of me, I’ve been crap at writing as I’ve had no motivation due to a lack of anything interesting going on and no focus to do anything creative as I’m still feeling crap and dozy and that I’m going to cough my guts out every few minutes.

So I’m going to clean. I’m going to do a room at a time, nothing too strenuous, just bits and bobs I’ve been putting off because they’ve not felt essential. Nothing is particularly dirty in my house, one of the benefits of living alone and being a generally clean person is that nothing ever gets too bad, but doing what I did today and giving the bathroom more of a deep clean than I have in a long while feels good and productive and just enough that I don’t lose my mind while I’m laid up.

I’ve been meaning to clean the big mirrors in the bedroom for ages, so maybe I’ll do that room next in a couple of days.


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