• James Hewlett

Stop Shooting Black People

I didn’t have anything planned to write about today other than I had thought about going to the bar but decided not to.

And then police in Wisconsin shot an unarmed black man in the back seven times in front of his kids and anything else I type becomes completely redundant.

I watched Fruitvale Station the other night, the Ryan Cooglar movie starring Michael B Jordan about the murder of Oscar Grant by San Francisco metro police on New Year’s Day 2010. I knew the story. I knew the ending. It didn’t take away the effect of it.

This shit has to fucking stop. It isn’t just an American problem. The systemic racism in ‘law enforcement’ and authority figures around the world is rampant and needs to go the fuck away.

The only reason we see more of it out of the states than say the UK is the gun control issues and the fact that these cops are all armed over there.

I’m getting wound up and upset writing this. And that’s good! I hope you are too by reading this. Go read more. Go see what you can do to affect change. Go and talk to someone about why this is a problem and if you’re somehow reading this and DON’T think there is a problem speak to someone who does and het another opinion. Have that conversation.

Race isn’t a touchy subject if you’re not a fucking racist.

©2017 by James Hewlett.