• James Hewlett

Straight Fire

I was up relatively late last night playing video games with Ed and then early this morning, so despite sleeping great I’ve definitely felt quite tired today. Despite they I still got all my work out done and everything else I aimed to do today, including putting together the fire pit I’m now sat in front of while it keeps me warm on this nice spring evening.

Now that I’ve got the space cleared in the spare room I am out of excuses for clearing the last bits up there. It already feels much nicer and more spacious to work out in though. My aim for the rest of this week is to clear the desk area up and get my mic and other things arranged so it can be a nice podcast recording space once my laptop is back up and running.

I did finish up writing the outline for the first episode of the new podcast today though. I sent it over to Ed for first glance because he and I often bounce writing off each other and he probably has the next amount of podcasting experience in our group. We all have some though so I’ll definitely be looking to get everyone’s input on it before we start.

Ideally the formatting of the show that we establish in the first episode will carry through to all subsequent episodes so I felt it was important to writing something for the first one despite the bulk of the show being a more free flowing discussion.

Right, I need to decide if I’m going to let this fire die down and head back inside or chuck another log on it and stay out here for a while longer. I’m leaning towards the latter at the moment.

It feels like a nice evening to sit and have a beer but I’ve decided to not drink until lockdown is over. I’m a week in already, I have no idea how long this will run but at the very least until the end of the month!


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