• James Hewlett

Streak Breaker

I’m still off work today. I’m planning to go back tomorrow, I don’t know if that’s wise or not but regardless of how shit I feel I would feel bad for having more time off. It’s a stupid thing I know, but it’s just me.

I didn’t do any exercise yesterday or today. That’s the first tome in over four hundred days I’ve not done anything. There’s been one or two when I’ve gone straight to London after work and not done anything specific, but I would always close my activity rings just based on day to day stuff.

Yesterday my streak was officially broken.

I’m glad that it was for a legitimate health reason and not just me being lazy or anything, and I’m glad it came relatively early in the year too. Had this been October or November for instance and I was on track for another perfect year I know that I would have over stretched myself and done enough to close them out.

It was a good run, a damn good run and one of my proudest accomplishments of my life so far as silly as that may seem, but all things must end and feeling like death on a Tuesday/Wednesday in February is as good a time as any.

Final count of closing my Active Calorie, Exercise Minute and Standing Hour rings consecutively stands at *drum roll* 428 days! A feat I am almost certainly never going to achieve again and which I am very okay with.

The funny part is that my exercise minute ring and stand hours did close because I was up and down to the toilet to either poop or spit out gross stuff so often and from such an early hour!

Dedication = good.

Obsession = bad.

Taking care of yourself = good.

Over doing it = bad.

Two hot baths in one day because you’re sick and sweating it out might help = great.


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