• James Hewlett


It didn’t require a whole lot of effort, but I feel very productive with the progress of the podcast today.

As a group we finished putting some final touches on a little trailer. It’s not as good as the actual podcast itself but I felt it important to have something like that available so that I could submit the show to all the various different podcasting services.

The process from submission to them being available for people to download can take up to a couple of days depending on the platform and I wanted to make sure that when the first actual episode drops it does so at a more coordinated time.

I was very pleasantly surprised at how simple the submissions work these days. Last time I set up a new podcast was about eight years ago and it was a really hassle, to the point where I ended up only really focusing on iTunes.

At the time that was fine as it was really the only place people got their shows but now, even though Apple Podcasts is still far and away the most prominent provider, there are a lot of other options people use.

I went through a list and made sure we were going to be available on all of them and in doing so had a little look at how each platform works. They all seem a lot more robust than they used to be.

I’m really happy that we’ve all got a role and an element of behind the scenes that we are doing. Ed is our pseudo-sound engineer and editor, also Mitchell has offered to relieve him if he ever needs a break. Mitchell is going to be running the live stream of our recordings and pushing for other outlets for the show, such as the student radio station we’ll be premiering on. And I have fallen into my natural producer role; wrangling people, organising recording sessions, prodding Ed when he needs a motivator and dealing with the back end stuff. Rae isn’t a regular host on the show, though she may make an appearance from time to time, but is running our social media presence and any communication with the audience. Farrer has provided the art assets and I’m sure we’ll go back to him whenever we need anything else designed in the future.

And then there is the audience themselves, they will have the job of spreading the word, leaving ratings and reviews wherever possible and subscribing so that we can get some good numbers and hopefully a sponsor or two in the future.

We have exciting ideas for how we can grow, hopefully this podcast is just the first step. We won’t be running before we walk though, even if it is exciting and creatively inspiring.


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