• James Hewlett

Summer Movie Season

I miss movies.

I don’t go to the cinema as much as I used to, I mean, in the before times that is, no ones going to the cinema at the moment at all, but even before the pandemic I hadn’t been going all that much, but I miss having the option to.

I’m definitely not advocating for pushing for movie theatres to be opening up with new releases or anything and even if they were I wouldn’t be going anytime soon. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable even in a limited capacity screen for quite a while yet.

I haven’t really thought about it until this week though. At the start of lockdown a few big things got pushed, Black Widow was the only one I’d have possibly seen though and I wasn’t champing at the bit to see it opening night so the delay doesn’t bother me too much.

Tenent is the big one of the moment though. Christopher Nolan’s latest has been pushed a couple of times and now it’s release is on hold indefinitely. Where a lot of films have switched the a premium VOD release to get them to audiences there is no way Nolan will allow that for his tentpole summer blockbuster.

I’m a big fan of Inception and this looks more like that than any of his films since so I’m really eager to see it. I know it will really benefit from a nice massive Dolby Atmos theatre, but as the US is likely not opening back up this year and I can’t see Warner Bros releasing such a big movie globally but not in their home market I think we’re going to have to wait.

It’s not just Tenent though, there are a couple of other films that are available via various platforms in the states we don’t have access to over here and that would have got a theatrical release. Palm Springs looks like the best comedy of the year and is getting rave reviews... it’s readily available on Hulu in America but has no distribution here yet.

The other big one I’m now thinking it’s inevitable that a delay is coming is Dune.

I’ve been hyped about this new adaptation since Denis Villeneuve was announced as director. All his films so far have been incredible and with the source material at his disposal and cast he’s assembled in expecting great things.

I hope I get to see movies on the big screen again one day. If not, the next time I buy a new tv I’m going to be looking at getting something absurdly big!


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