• James Hewlett

Summer Social Pt.1

Ah what a fun day today has been! Ed got here at around one so I had some time in the morning to sort my stuff out; work out and a quick tidy of the house, that kind of thing, so that after a quick catch up and because no one else was here for a while we were able to get a game of Gloomhaven in, progressing that story just a little bit further.

Mitchell arrived just after five and because it was so nice out we went and threw a football around for a while. Mitchell has been completely locked down since the start of March and has left the house less than anyone I know so I think for him it was a much needed breath of fresh air.

We went and picked up Rae and hit the grocery store for snacks and things for the rest of the evening and headed back and started playing some games around the table outside, when it got a bit cooler we moved to around the fire pit and then inside when food arrived.

That then led to hours of playing jackbox games which is almost always the most damn fun with this group.

Mitchell wanted to watch some wrestling that started at one in the morning and we all started dropping out at various points throughout that.

Amazing fun day with friends that will continue on tomorrow.

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