• James Hewlett

Summer Social Pt.2

Day two of ‘the most socialising any of us have done this year’ was another great fun success.

I was the first awake as usual so I managed to get a light work out in and do a little bit of tidying in the kitchen before people started waking up. After a late night we were all pretty chilled and relaxed just watching some comedy and hanging out until lunch. Rae cooked up an awesome Mexican feast for us.

The original plan was to go play mini-golf but as the weather was a bit hit or miss and when we looked online it seemed like they were pretty busy we decided to be more socially responsible and not. We had plenty to keep us entertained here.

We only played one game today but the couple of round of Red Dragon Inn we did play were some of the most fun we had all weekend.

It’s a game Ed, Rae and I have all seen the Achievement Hunter crew play in a number of videos so had a rough idea of how it played. I think from watching them go full on with the characters they play in the board game and because we all naturally like to be silly and make each other laugh we all just started doing voices and acting like the people we were playing as in this very silly fantasy inn party game.

It ended up being very close both times we played with me taking the first game and Mitchell the second and the runner up being Ed and Rae respectively.

When everyone had gone home I did a bit of tidying up but to be honest there really wasn’t a whole lot to do. My people are good people and I never have to worry about them leaving my house a tip. They always tidy up most of everything as they go or when I’m off doing whatever else.

This weekend has been much needed for all of us I think. I felt like the birthday weekend I didn’t get to have.

It also really made me feel confident that this would be the best group of people to do some Extra Life project later this year with... but I’ll talk more about that later as I have to be up early for work!


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