• James Hewlett

Sunday Club

I’ve had a lovely relaxed Sunday today. I actually got a bit more of a lie in for the first time this week and was sound asleep until nine. After doing my work out and having the left overs of the enchiladas I cooked yesterday for lunch, I’ve really not done much else other than play more of Fallen Order.

Normally I’d feel quite lazy for doing that but I’m off all of next week too so felt like having a full day of not doing much at all was totally okay.

I’m currently watching the Colts Jags game and instead of going to the shop to get some snacks I just went and picked up one of my dumbbells. I’d normally graze while watching football but today I’m just casually doing arm curls to keep me occupied.

I decided against snacks as later on tonight we’re doing the Sunday club again for the first time in a few weeks. That means burgers! I’m a bit excited!

Right, yeah that’ll do I think. Just a quick one today but that fits with the relaxed nature of my day.

See ya tomorrow!

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