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Sunday Club

I’ve had such a good day today! Even despite the fact that my car key fobs battery has died and I have to use the emergency key which triggers my alarm every time it’s been a really good day.

I’ll go get a new battery for that tomorrow so hopefully that’ll only be a temporary annoyance.

I had my first pub Sunday roast in over a year today! I picked my friend up from work when she finished and we blasted out to a favourite new forest pub of mine. It’s been a long while since I’ve been there but being instantly recognised and warmly greeted was lovely. The food itself was incredible as always, I was very happy to see nothing had changed there.

On the way back Rae was itching to get going with the gym membership she had just bought yesterday and I mentioned that if she was doing that then the chances were that I would probably get on and do a second set of exercise for the day too, despite having done my normal sets this morning.

Before we got too far she got me a day pass at the gym she was going to so I swung by my house and picked up my gear and we headed to the gym in town.

Despite working out every day for nearly five hundred consecutive days, I’ve not actually been to a proper gym in nearly ten years. I was pretty excited to use some of the equipment and exercise areas of my body that I’m not as set up to at home to. I felt great afterward and we were both buzzing with post work out energy.

Most of the rest of this evening has been spent laughing out asses off watching the Best of Achievement Hunter 2019 video. We did get burgers as well, mostly as a blow out way of capping off a really great day and beginning a healthier eating kick. Sunday club is great, but instead of burgers we’re going to switch it up and cook some healthier but still super tasty meals for a while so that once a month when we do get burgers it’ll be a nice tasty treat.

I’m really ready for bed now but this Texans vs Chiefs playoff game is so exciting and fun I think I’m going to have to finish it out before hitting the hay. I hope your Sunday was as good as mine. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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